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Sports Nurtition

PureHealth / RD sports nutition programs begin with an initial consultation to review and assess the nutritional demands of your training program, your athletic goals, and your medical, nutrition, and diet history. We will then provide you with a personalized sports-specific nutrition plan.


Follow-up appointments are provided for ongoing nutrition education and development of your nutrition program as your training seasons progresses up to competition. The sports-specific nutrition plan addresses:


  • Energy requirements for specific training days and training cycles.

  • Nutrition strategies for optimal preparation, in-game and recovery plans.

  • Hydration, electrolyte, and fueling plan during training and for competition.

  • Body composition changes: Weight loss, body fat loss, muscle building.

  • Pre-exercise/ training nutrition

  • Competition nutrition

  • Sports nutrition products

  • Vitamin and mineral supplementation


PureHealth / RD programs are provided for athletes involved in a variety of sports, including endurance sports, team sports, winter sports, and skill oriented sports.  Call Annsley Ulrich R.D. today at 704.883.2606 to learn more about your personal sports nutrition plan.

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