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Your first visit with Annsley Ulrich R.D. will take approximately one hour. During your visit Annsley will conduct a comprehensive nutritional assessment which includes:  


  • Your nutritional assessment and benchmarking of the following:

    • height \ weight

    • body fat percentage

    • muscle mass

    • bone mass

    • basel metabolic rate

    • body water percentage

    • body measurements of chest, waste, hips, thigh and arm

    • diet recall with calculation of calories, protein, carbs and fat


  • We review your medical history, diet history and medication history.  


  • Annsley will create and review your personal nutrition plan.


  • Schedule your weekly follow up appointments to monitor your improvements.



  • Preliminary nutritional assessment and nutrition plan:  $120

  • Weekly monitoring of your improvements and program adjustments:  $50 / Visit

  • We accept most insurance including Blue Cross / Blue Shield.



Your First Visit and Ongoing Support

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