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Tanita Body Composition Analysis

PureHealth / RD uses our Tanita SC-240 FDA cleared body composition monitor to measure weight and instantly calculate body fat% and total body water% in addition to BMI with clinically proven accuracy.


Your in-depth individual analysis of body composition with clinically proven accuracy provides a clearer picture than BMI alone as it highlights specific fat loss which is known to be more beneficial than just weight loss.  Together we establish your baseline and constantly monitor your improvements in the following areas:


  • Weight


  • Body Fat %


  • %Body Water %


  • BMI 


  • Fat Mass 


  • Body Water Mass 


  • Muscle Mass


  • BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)


  • DCI (Daily Caloric Intake) 


  • Metabolic Age 


  • Bone Mass 


  • Visceral Fat Rating 



Get started today with your comprehensive body composition analysis by calling Annsley Ulrich R.D. today at 704.883.2606.

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